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Major update for The Lost Ship game!

UPDATE June 2019: Major expansion in latest update is now available on all app stores! Double the gameplay, puzzles and map scenes! In the latest update, explore a new island and historic fort added to the map, with all-new and difficult puzzles to solve!

BIG NEWS! We have a MAJOR content update coming for The Lost Ship game. The update will bring over 40 new game map scenes, doubling the size of the game. You will explore a new historic fort and a whole new island full of surprises and puzzles! We are looking at the update being released in February, and this will be a free update if you already own the game.

The Hunt for the Lost Ship was the first game we released four years ago. Since that time we have released several other games that have all been longer in gameplay time and content. We have listened to our fans and the feedback on the app store, and are bringing you this major update that will double the size of the game, and bring you tons of new screens to explore and puzzles to solve!

As a big thank you to all of our loyal customers, we decided to make this a free game update. Thank you for following us through the years and supporting us by playing our games.

Read more about the game on the game details page

If you don't already own it, download it now on the app stores:

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