Tons of updates

Tons of Updates Coming to All Games!

We have been hard at work updating all of our games to improve the game experience. You will find design and gameplay changes sprinkled throughout all of our games. The updates range from more noticeable changes like fast travel added to all games, a new inventory layout and scene redesigns, to small detailed updates in puzzles and more.

If you are one of those who likes to go back through and find all the new changes, then pick them all up again and see if you can find them!

The updates will be released over the next couple weeks.

Fast Travel Added to All Games

After seeing what an improvement the fast travel feature made to moving around the map in Rescue the Enchanter, we decided it made sense add this feature to all games.

Improved Hints with Videos

Hints have been improved with an option to watch a video for each hint. You can choose to use the text hint that nudges you in the right direction, or watch the video walkthrough for that specific hint or puzzle.

Updates to Puzzles

Various puzzles have been redesigned with new graphics. Can you spot the ones that have changed?

Some Scenes Have Been Slightly Redesigned

Various scenes have been slightly redesigned to improve the quality and gameplay experience.

Portugal Portuguese Translation Added to All Games

We have added Portugal Portuguese translations to all of our games.

New Inventory Layout

The inventory system has been redesigned to separate the camera and hints from the items you have picked up in the game.

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